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10 Limited Edition Mooselick Brewing 6 Packs April 8th and 9th

This weekend, April 8th and 9th we will be celebrating the last week as Mooselick Brewing by bottling up 10 fresh limited edition mystery six packs.

Included with each six pack:

  • 1 Mooselick License Plate T-Shirt
  • 1 Unused Mooselick Bottle Label
  • 1 Mooselick Logo Postcard
  • 4 pack of VIP tickets to our rebrand launch party the weekend of the 29th/30th


The first 30 6 packs purchased the 8th and 9th will include a 4 pack of VIP tickets to our rebrand launch party the weekend of the 29th/30th

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What we do

We're a nano brewery that creates small-batch fruit and traditional beers with fruit and some hops from our farm. Our brewery in Troy, NH opened July 25th 2015!