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3 Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day with Mooselick

Mooselick has you covered for Father’s Day!

Whether you are looking for an enjoyable experience with dad or the ultimate gift, Mooselick has you covered!

1. The Father’s Day gift that keeps on giving.  Give dad the present of a growler of the month club. The growler of the month club gives dad the chance to swing by the brewery on his own time and fill up his growler with his favorite beers at his convenience. Easily purchase a growler of the month club membership online in minutes! Valid ID required for pick-up.

Get Dad a Growler of the Month Club Buy Now for Father's Day

Get Dad a Growler of the Month Club Buy Now for Father's Day

2. Stop by the brewery for a tour the with Dad on Sunday between noon and 6pm and enjoy a tasting of 6 of Mooselick’s local, hand crafted nano brews. Show dad how much you really love him and buy some beers to go as well. The beer garden is opened and the weather forecast is looking good for a relaxing afternoon of beer tasting fun.


3. Swing by the tasting room Thursday, Friday or Saturday and get a special Father’s Day beer pack. Hand pick 6 of our local, freshly bottled hand crafted nano brews and get a free Mooselick pint glass for Dad to get maximum enjoyment from his present.


Get Dad a Growler of the Month Club Buy Now for Father's Day


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Three Great New Opportunities To Try Our Beer in 2016!

We have a BUNCH of new tasting events coming up these next few weeks!

First, we have a Winter Beer Tasting at Elm City Brew Pub in Keene, NH on Tuesday, February 16th at 6pm! Tickets are $30 each, and you can call (603) 355-3335 to get your tickets!

Second, we have the Freshman Orientation Tasting as part of Portsmouth’s Beer Week at Throwback Brewery, and that takes place on Saturday, February 20th. There are two sessions available: Session 1 is from 10:30am-11:45am, and Session 2 is from 12pm-1:30pm. Tickets are $30 each, and you can go here to order them online. For more information on this tasting, you can go here!

Last but certainly not least, we will be doing a food and beer pairing with Luca’s Mediterranean Cafe on Sunday, March 6th at 5pm! Tickets are $85 each, and they are going fast! You can call (603) 358-3335 to get your tickets! Check out Luca’s Facebook Page to find out more information about the dinner and which of our beers are being paired with his food!

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Tasting at Walpole Grocery Jan. 9th

We will be doing a public tasting at the Walpole Grocery Store on Saturday, January 9th from 4-6pm! The Walpole Grocery Store is located at 47 Main St. Walpole, NH. We will have five varieties of beer with us, so stop in to try our creations and see what Walpole Grocery Store is stocking!

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Main Crust Pizza Company has our beer on DRAFT!

We are excited to announce that Main Crust Pizza Company on Route 101 in Marlborough, NH has our Velvety Antlers on draft! They are the only other place besides our tap room where you can get our brown ale straight from the tap. Stop by and support Main Crust Pizza Company for supporting us and putting our beer on their taps!

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Mooselick Holiday Gifts

We have a variety of gifts for all those beer lovers in your life for the holidays!

There is a gift package that comes with a Mooselick pint glass, a Mooselick t-shirt, and a Mooselick key chain (that can also be used as a bottle opener) all for one great price! You can also buy any of those items individually. We also have Mooselick hats, bobble head moose bottle toppers, moose shot glasses, moose mugs and flasks that can make great stocking stuffers! Any of these items paired with a bottle of beer will make great holiday gifts!

mooselick shirts2 mooselick shirts

mooselick gifts2 mooselick gifts5

mooselick gifts4 mooselick gifts

mooselick gifts3


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Winter Hours

Starting the beginning of December we will be open on Fridays from 4-7pm instead of 4-8pm. Join us each weekend at the tap room, and if you can’t make it there, check out any of the retail stores, restaurants, and bars that carry our beer to get your Mooselick fix! You can find that list on the website under Where To Buy Our Beer, or just click here!

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PET compared to glass as containers for craft beer

PET is the material used to make 2 liter plastic soda bottles. It has been used for 30 years to store, transport, and consume carbonated beverages.

Before Granite Roots decided to use PET in our 32  ounce growlers along with 16 ounce bottles, we did research and our own testing.


  • PET does not contain any BPA.
  • It is a recyclable #1, widely accepted by most municipal recycling centers
  • It is lightweight so when you carry it, it is less stressful on you.
  • It is less expensive to purchase than glass
  • It is cheaper to transport then glass
  • It does not break as easily as glass.
  • Brown PET blocks the same amount of light as brown glass
  • You can take it places where glass is not allowed due to glass breakage
  • The beer containers we purchase are much more ridged then the 2 liter soda bottles and hold their shape.
  • The thick PET also reduces loss of carbonation.
  • A Life Cycle Analysis shows a 12 ounce PET bottle has less of an environmental impact than either aluminum or glass 12 ounce container.
  • Today’s plastic screw on caps make better seals then metal screw on caps. There is no gas permeation through the cap material itself.
  • Lab research shows no significant loss of carbonation after 3 months in standard beer quality PET growlers. Most research shows detectable loss of carbonation in the 3-5 month time frame. So, do not use PET to cellar condition beer. Beer in PET should be consumed within 3-4 months from the time of bottling. This works well for most growlers sold in tap rooms.

I talked with 3 craft breweries who were using PET for growlers. They all said they were glad they have used PET though all said they had to educate customers to why PET was equal or superior to glass except for long term storage.


Granite Roots worked with another local brewery to do testing of a light bodied craft beer in glass and PET 64 ounce growlers. We chose a light body beer because we thought it would show any subtle differences in flavor/appearance. Beer was poured from a tap into both growlers, screw capped and put in a refrigerator for 3 weeks.

Taste tasting after 3 weeks showed no difference in; carbonation level, flavor loss, or off flavor gain between glass and PET.

We have kept a PET bottle filled with a Red Berry Gulp around for up to two months and had good beer poured from that PET container. Sorry, we have not been able to control ourselves to hold the beer longer than 2 months, people keep drinkin’ it!


Always keep beer below 80F, preferably below 70F no matter what the container material is.

Keep all beer out of the sunlight since sunlight has the most UV. Artificial light (incandescent) does have some UV but not nearly as much as sunlight. Florescent lightbulbs have almost no UV component.

The PET does have more chance to allow CO2 to escape. Open and enjoy the beer within 1 week for maximum carbonation with minimal oxidation.

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Using Fruit in Beer at Mooselick

Mooselick uses whole fruit in two distinct ways while producing Mooselick beers: fruit enhancement and fruit forward.

Fruit Enhancement is the addition of fruit to a traditional beer style in order to add another flavor profile to the beer, in addition to enhancing the flavor of the underlying beer. Velvety Antlers uses peaches and apricots to add just a little bit of stone fruit flavor and aroma to a brown ale. Hoof Print Porter uses black currants to add fruit depth to the roasted grain dominance of a porter. Coffee, technically a fruit though not from our local farm, is added to WOW our stout. Even Dirty Old Moose has a small amount of raspberry. Fruit enhanced beers at Mooselick are processed as a traditional beer would be, about 2 weeks in the fermentor.

Fruit Forward beers are where the flavor and aroma is all about the fruit. The amount of fruit used per barrel is much higher than fruit enhanced beers. Red Berry Gulp uses red raspberries and red currants; Razleberry is raspberries and blueberries; Currant Trend is red & black currants; while Apple Rack is, well, bittersweet apples.

Picking the yeast strain, and time in the fermentation cycle can have a profound effect on the final flavor of a fruit forward beer. I use a specific yeast strain just for our fruit beers because I like the results with this strain. I give Fruit Forward beers 4 weeks in the fermentation tank to allow/force the yeast to go after the second level of sugar that is in fruit that is not in malted grain.

I strive for a dry fermentation which means that there is very little residual sugar, just like a dry wine has little sweetness. All fruits have an underlying tartness which is balanced by the sugar; some fruits lean towards being sweeter (blueberries, peaches) while others barely have any balancing sugar (red currants, gooseberries). When the sugar is fermented away, you are left with the tartness and flavors belonging to the base fruit. This is often quite a shock to our tastebuds as we are accustomed to expecting those flavors sweetened by the natural sugars. I feel this is why the first taste of a Mooselick fruit forward beer is often accompanied by a strange face which is modified during taste 2&3 as our brains start to process the underlying flavor as something that we do know.

Mooselick sources the whole fruit from Monadnock Berries in Troy, NH. We juice the whole fruit and add the juice/pulp stream to the beer. Sometimes we use the solids stream like a wine maker does; limiting the time the solids are exposed to our beer so only the easy-to-extract stuff is pulled from the skins/solids. We use red raspberry pulp, along with currant and blueberry skins. We do not use the skins of peaches, apricots, or gooseberries.

Juicing black currants for our beers

Juicing black currants for our beers

There is a relatively new phenomena in the USA beer scene called sours. Sours have been made in Europe for centuries (Belgian Lambic and German Berlinerweisse by using wild yeast/bacteria). More recently, brewers have added special yeast and bacteria to cause further controlled fermentation and the byproducts are more acids causing the sour sensation. Mooselick does not add any of these souring yeast or bacteria to our beers. All the tartness that you detect is from the removal of sugar from the fruit. The more complete the beer fermentation (drier), the closer to a natural sour sensation.


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This weekend (11/20-11/22)

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is next week? Well Mooselick will be open their normal hours this weekend to accommodate you with all your beer needs to share with family and friends during the holiday! Can’t make it to Troy to try our beers? Dave and Donna will be at Brewtopia in Keene from 5-7pm doing a tasting, and Brewtopia will have beer for you to purchase. We won’t be open again until Black Friday, so be sure to stop in at the tap room during our open hours this Friday through Sunday to get your growlers and refills in time for Thanksgiving! Hope to see you all this weekend, and happy early Thanksgiving to you all!

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